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The 260 MPH Street Car

Bugatti's Veyron blew fresh winds of performance into the rarefied air of the supercar class upon its release in 2005. But now the manufacturer has gone above and beyond with the astonishing new Chiron.

The Bugatti Chiron, as seen in a promotional video.

To test drive this latest mind-bending definition of “supercar,” Bugatti turned to Juan Pablo Montoya. Of course, Montoya is no stranger to going fast. A winner of races in vehicles ranging from NASCAR stock cars to Formula 1 creations, Montoya's trophy shelf bulges with hardware collected at elite events including the Indianapolis 500, the 24 Hours of Daytona, and the Grand Prix of Monaco. But despite all of that imposing experience, Montoya had barely eked past 250 mph in an Indy car to set his personal speed record – until he slipped behind the wheel of a certain French street car last month.

Juan Pablo Montoya can expect quicker trips to his local Wawa if he continues to have a Chiron at his disposal.
Montoya deployed the Chiron's four sequential turbos to propel himself to a cruising speed of 260 mph. Perhaps even more impressive, Montoya set a new record for zero-to-400 km/h-to-zero in under 42 seconds. Yes, that's from a standing start to 249 mph and back to zero in just over half a minute. The Chiron will haul itself from zero to 60 mph in just over two seconds, but it can stop almost as quickly as it accelerates.

A beautifully-shot, dramatic video of Montoya's feat while driving the Chiron can be seen here:

Clearly, this latest dream release from Bugatti is setting new standards. And it's so affordable! The Chiron will sell for less than $3 million. Delivered.

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